Friday, 23 October 2015

Call it “Alternative” or Call it “Functional”

Alternative medicine is a term which not only underrates the medical practice, but it is also a misnomer. Dr. Sergey Kalitenko knows this as he has been incorporating anti-aging, functional and holistic treatments in his traditional practices for years. According to him, he calls alternative medicine “responsible and good medicine.”
Dr Sergey Kalitenko
The reasons why he brought alternative methodologies in his medical practices stem from his own personal health scare which he had during his 40s. When Dr.Kalitenko was doing two jobs at the same time, he started experiencing chest pains, shortness of breath and other various signs which are symptoms of heart problems. In his case, the traditional medicines treated the signs, but he could not stop feeling ill. This indicates that the root causes of the problem were not being addressed through the medicines he was taking. After being introduced to holistic medicine by a friend, he started applying the concepts and teaching to manage his own health – which made him incorporate them in his medical practices as well.
It is a known fact that the traditional medicines are successful in treating different acute conditions like appendicitis, broken bones, heart attacks and other conditions where they root cause is pretty evident. However, the mainstream medicines struggle with “gray-area” and chronic conditions – which make the physicians, manage just the trending symptoms instead of digging deeper to ferret out the root cause(s) of the problem.
Let’s take diabetes as our example. Diabetes is a chronic and lifelong condition which manifests as either Type I or Type II. The traditional medicines in the case of diabetes treat the abnormal blood sugar symptoms by the help of insulin or change in diet. But have you ever looked into the cause of diabetes in the first place? Did an unacceptable lifestyle behavior or poor nutrition diagnose a person with diabetes? Was it hereditary? Considering the entire body along with the environment and other factors which contribute in this issue makes a patient and a good doctor understand what can lead to better results, rather than just focusing on the current condition.
The good news here is that that both, alternative and traditional medicine is a perfect fit for different medical conditions. It is recommended that patients have their say in both of these disciplines in order to receive maximum health benefits. For example, if a person diagnosed with asthma is looking for immediate help from the traditional doctor in order to treat a severe attack of asthma can also get treated by an alternative medicine doctor who may take care of the chronic condition. A patient may also consult with one type of a doctor and get anther opinion from a second type of doctor. The bottom line: the doctors should not be mutually exclusive. However, one can always be mutually benefited from different types of doctors if the practices are performed in the rightful manners.
Dr. Kalitenko is an alternative medicine practitioner who focuses on functional treatments. However, he believes that holistic treatments play a vital role in getting and addressing to the hidden root cases of any medical conditions.
If you are living in New York and are looking for an alternative medicine doctor for second opinion or care, Dr. Kalitenko would willingly offer his consultations to you. Contact at the following numbers to make appointments or further information:
-          Our Brooklyn office (718-382-9200)
-          Great Neck office (516-467-0253)

Functional, alternative or holistic – you can call it anything you want. However, what it really comes down to is responsible and good medicine. 

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